Back in 1997 a group of motivated parents gathered together to organise a fundraiser that would stand out from the rest.  With many of them having a true love of ‘art’ they decided that an art exhibition and sale was the way to go.  Since then the exhibition has grown and grown to become the success that it is today. 

Widely recognised as the first school art exhibition on the North Shore many other schools have followed but the Carmel College ArtFusions exhibition has a special place in many artists hearts and they are always enthusiastic about exhibiting at the show with some artists choosing to exhibit only at ArtFusions rather than any other school exhibitions.  Many of the motivated parents have now moved on but the committee, while regularly updating, will always have the same intentions as that group of special parents - the intention of providing an art exhibition to rival the best of art galleries while fundraising for the benefit of the girls of Carmel College.

In 2007 ArtFusions took the concept of true art to heart and incorporated into their promotional material the work of Sarah Findlay, a former Carmel College student and Elam undergraduate.  Sarah’s delicate, lacy artwork features in paintings and on light-boxes which make stunning installations as well as in our ArtFusions logo. We are thrilled that Sarah has allowed us to use her work to promote such a wonderful event and thank her for her generosity. 


A Quick Art History